Why I create Legitorscam.info?

I believe with better resources, online marketers around the world can make better decision. Most affiliates and network companies require a pretty big chunk of up-front investment in order to promote their products or services. That’s just the way it work. It grabs attentions and commitments.

Which is why, the more investigation and due diligence one do, the better prepare one can be. With so much scam or scammers going on surrounding the internet, it is very frustrating and time wasted to find a competence and reliable company.

You just never know when they pull the plug on their hosting and never see them again. It’s so easy to do when their business is online. Contrary to a bricks and mortar business where it takes time to move or shut down, an online business can disappear at any giving moment.

And that’s the reason I created LegitorScam.info. So internet marketer can be better inform on whether to join or walk away for an online business opportunity. The reviews are unbiased and we only receive small profits from specified affiliates.

As more and more companies relocate their business to the internet to grab bigger audiences, it is crucial if not mandatory to research these company before falling into the trap of a con-artist.

I am constantly updating this site with more companies included every week, so check back often and should you have questions or comment, fill free to drop me a line. Just fill out the form below.

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About Nickolas

avatar-nickolasI love finding new ways to making money online and to search how others achieve success on the internet. It’s like an addiction (almost..).

You know, there are Thousands of people that have made great money as Online Affiliate Marketers.

It’s fun and I can literally work anywhere I want. But, I find it gives me the most pleasure when I can share what I’ve learned with others.

I also try to have a life 🙂 by doing some hiking, cycling, golfing and reading.

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