To Bitcoin or Not To Bitcoin?

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Since the creation in 2009, Bitcoin have taken off like a rocket. It have shot up in value well over $1000 per Bitcoin. It have been accepted worldwide as a form of payment for goods and services as well as … Continued

Stop! Digital Altitude Will Bankrupt You!

If you have been searching for an online network to join, then you probably heard of Digital Altitude, created by X Empower Network top member, Michael Force. And if you are currently a member of Digital Altitude or thinking about … Continued

Is Penny Auction Going Scam? Warning!

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Beezid Review November 2016 – Scam Warning! WARNING: The famous Penny Auction Site started in 2010 have stopped doing business since September 2016. Their website is still online and they have stop the auction process as well as their … Continued

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