Is Penny Auction Going Scam? Warning!

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Beezid Review November 2016 – Scam Warning!


WARNING: The famous Penny Auction Site started in 2010 have stopped doing business since September 2016. Their website is still online and they have stop the auction process as well as their Store page. is an online Penny Auction site offering bargain shoppers a change to bid with real money for attractive items such as iPhone, Flat Screen TV, Games Consoles and much more. launched on October 2009 by Max Bohbot, an E-Commerce Web developer and is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. is currently going through difficulties but won’t post any comment on their site. The only comment I found was on their Facebook page. See image below.


For the past 6 or 7 years, have attracted huge numbers of bargain shoppers and turned them into big spenders. Because Beezid require their customers to purchase bid points in order to participate in their auctions. Sort of like playing the slot machine where you put money into the machine to play.

The average cost of each bid ranges from a fraction of a pennie to up to $0.90. Beezid offer bid package of minimum 30 bids to over 1 million bids at a cost of $27 to over $10,000. Believe it, people are actually spending this kind of money to win an iPhone or iPad.

Winning an auction item is not as easy as how they make it sound. You see the auction have a timer. The counter starts slow in the beginning then faster toward the end. Depending on how many people bidding on the same item, some auction finished within a few minutes while other last for hours. Especially on the high-end items, like iPhones or Flat Screen TVs.

The average spending, in real money, for a winning item can be from a few dollars to several hundreds of dollars. I have tried to bid on a few items about a year ago and let me tell you, trying to bid on an iPhone and win it, it almost impossible unless you have unlimited bids. And somehow, there are a few bidders that seem to have these unlimited bids. It always the same people who win the expensive items. Very peculiar I thought…

However, there is 1 benefit I see with Beezid. Is they have a store for people who won items to decide whether to keep the item or put it for sale. If they decided to put it for sale then, they would put it on Beezid’s store. The benefits is that the items listed there are at 20% to 70% off retail price. The more similar items are for sale, the more discount it will get because whoever listed their item, wants to sale it cheaper then the other item owner. Here are some example.


Beezid had a good run of turning the unbelievers into believer. I was one of them but overall, i did pretty good and won several good items including a Samsung S2 tab, a iPad Pro, a Xbox game console and several other items. I stop bidding about a year ago when I ran out of bids and decided not to re-purchase. Anyhow, I feel bad about the other people who have lost which is the reason I wrote this post to let other know to be careful with Penny Auction site. Moving to UK?

I guess, Beezid’s owner Max Bohbot was up to something or knew something is wrong to have an exit plan to move to the UK. I have found an article of Incorporation in th UK, Incoporated on September 20, 2016 by Max Bohbot himself. Here is the link the the article of Incorporation –

I took a screenshot just in case this document vanished in the thin air, LOL.


Current Beezid News

There are multiple complaints currently going on including suppliers not receive their money and members not receiving the won items.

Is going scam? It looks that way. I think they website is going offline at anytime. I’d just took a look and a lot of the pages are not loading and reporting errors. So I think they are going to scam status.

If you have make purchase with your credit card then, contact your credit card company asap and request for a charge back. If you have purchase through Paypal, then contact them asap as well.

Hope this help… and again, I am very sorry for all the people affected by this.


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