Recently HYIP Scam – I told you so…

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Just want to post last few months HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) scam. As I have said in my HYIP Review articles that HYIP are bound, no guaranteed to fail and scam people. It’s they nature to do so and that is one of the reason they called themselves High Yield Investment Program. They offer out of this world yield that just CANNOT be repay.

Here are some of the HYIP program that recently scam people.

ForexBrothersPosted as Scam on my site on Nov. 4, 2016. Less than 30 days online!

MacroBanking – less than 60 days online!

Daily314 – Less than 30 days online!

OceanInnovations – Less than 45 days online!

CryptoPlaza – Less than 30 days online!

There you go. These are just a very small list, i can go on to search all the scam HYIP programs but, I think you get the picture.HYIP = Scam!

Please spread to others that HYIP is a guarantee Scam, Period! And tell them NOT to get involve no matter how sweet the offer looks, it still going to scam and disappear without warning. If they want to make money online, learn the proper way. Some of my best programs are listed below where with hard work and dedication, one can really make money.

Reasons Why People Fails in Online Marketing:

  • Not properly following the necessary process.
  • Not properly planning or have no plan.
  • Limited funds.
  • Afraid of losing money.
  • Not having the right Mindset
  • Fail to be persistence

Listen to you instinct. Who said that Any Business is easy to make money?

If you are not comfortable with Network Marketing or you don’t like recruiting people, but you want to make money online, then you might interested in the recommendation below…



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