Reserve From Jeunesse Global Review – Helped My Sore Knees

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How Taking Reserve Helped My Sore Knees

reserve-jeunesseThis is a real life review for Juenesse Global’s product called Reserve, an antioxidant that defense against free radical damage in our body. Here is my story.

About 2 years ago, I went to have a massage in Los Angeles. I usually need deep and hard tissue massage so I decided to try the step massage where the masseuse would uses her feet to step on my back.

I guess this masseuse was new or just starting to learn how to massage because not even 5 minutes into the session, she stepped on the back of my knees, you know where my lower and upper leg bone connects. Right away, I told her to stop but, as she had both of her feet on the back of my knees, she needed to lift one of her feet up while her other feet putted more pressure onto the back of my right knee. At first, i didn’t feel any pain as I was laying down on my stomach. So, She continue the massage session, but this time I told her to just use her hands instead.

After the massage session, I went home and for the next few weeks, I didn’t feel much pain or discomfort from my knees. Then, one day as I tried to stand up from my sitting on a chair, I suddenly felt a strong tension coming from my right knee. It pain very painful and my knees become very sore, especially my right knee. It prevented me from standing straight. I had to grab hold of my desk for about a few minutes until the pain subsided that I was able to stand straight. The pain slower disappeared and I was ok again.

This pain was very strange in the beginning first few months, it only hurts once in a while and only when I started to stand up from sitting. It prevented me from straighten my right leg for a few minutes before I could stand up straight and walk.

My wife suggested I go have it check by a Chiropractor which I did but after a few sessions there, it still hurts. So, I stop going and didn’t seek any other medical support. Oh, I even try taking pain killer but it only help for a short while.

I learned to deal with this pain for about a year, then one day, a friend of mine gave me a few Reserve packets from Jeunesse. She told me to try it as it might help fix my knee pain since Reserve contains some sort of body cleansing ingredients.

A few days later, I decided to try a Reserve packet and squeezed it into my mouth. My friends told me to take at least 2 packet a day, one in the morning and one at night. I only took it once a day for about 7 days straight or so. I remembered not feeling anything differently from drinking this Reserve packet. Then, about 2 weeks or so of not taking Jeunesse’s Reverse packet, I realized that my knees didn’t hurt anymore and I was able to stand up without any pain. I remembered asking to myself that “damn, can it be the Reserve packet that help stop this pain?”.

Not sure, but I didn’t take anything else beside eating regular food and taking these Reserve packets. I’m thinking to myself that It’s got to be the Reserve packet that help my sore knee.

It’s been now almost a year since I took the Reserve packet and my previously sore knees only hurts me once or twice. I only take it when I feel a little soreness.

I don’t really understand what’s all the ingredients are contained in the Reserve product but it seems to help fix joint pains and muscle pains. I had another problem where I pulled a nerve on my fingers and took the Reserve packet and again, it help fix it.

This post is my personal experience from taking Jeunesse Global’s Reserve. I am not suggesting or recommend anyone to take it, but Reserve help my previously sore knee feel no more soreness.

If you want to read about Reserve from Jeunesse Global, you can read it here. <<










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