Stop! Digital Altitude Will Bankrupt You!

If you have been searching for an online network to join, then you probably heard of Digital Altitude, created by X Empower Network top member, Michael Force. And if you are currently a member of Digital Altitude or thinking about joining, then read this Post to understand what Digital Altitude is Really About.

Digital Altitude was carefully designed to capture Newbies, people with no internet marketing experiences.

It’s what all of their members are promoting including the creator, Michael Force. They claims anyone can make $90K in 90 days with no experience. But, the reality is NOT for Newbies. In fact far from it.

It’s more like going bankrupt in 90 days with the price they charges for their program. It’s just mind blowing to me that anyone can come up with such a outrageous and deceitful scheme like this.

Although they called themselves, internet marketers, they are actually more like a Multi Level Marketing (MLM).

What Digital Altitude Claims To Do For You?

I have to give credit to Micheal Force for being a Super Internet Salesman. He is just too good at what he does. He have great talent on convincing people that they can actually make $90k in 90 days with his program.

In his Digital Altitude sales video, he start out by giving a background of his life, his family and how he served in the US Marine Corp. He then continue to explain how by promoting High-Ticketed items is the fastest way to making huge money online. He used example of how Apple becomes so successful by selling products that cost 2 times more than their competitors.

He then go on to explain his program and how anyone with no online experience can make the type of ridiculous money he is making. He even show visual slides of his paychecks from his previous online marketing results. And yes, those numbers are real, I know other internet marketers who have made the same amounts.

Ready for their catch?

Because he want to capture Newbies, he understand that nobody will pay a few hundred dollars to join his program, so he offered a no-brainer, can’t pass out deal of $1 to take a look inside his program. And once, he collected the $1 entrance fee, he then have his so-called Coaches to contact you to try to sale you his outrageous fees for his programs. Here is what his program cost and if you are still paying attention, he pretty much charges for everything.


You get a backoffice to view your progress and to watch their tutorials. There are no software, no physical product or event a welcome kit in the mail…

  • Walker – $37 per month (40% Commission, 1 Tier Payout)
  • Hiker – $67 per month (50% Commission, 2 Tier Payout)
  • Climber – $127 per month (60% Commission, 3 Tier Payout)
  • Affiliate Link – $17 per month (Yes, you even have to pay just to have an affiliate link to promote this program)

Core Products:

These are video tutorials that shows you how you can make $90K in 90 days by SELLING THIS IDEA (Digital Altitude) to other people.

  • Aspire – included from membership
  • Base – $597 (Membership level commission + Tier1: 25%, Tier2: 10%, Tier3: 5%)
  • Rise – $1,997 (Membership level commission + Tier1: 25%, Tier2: 10%, Tier3: 5%)
  • Ascend – $9,997 (Membership level commission + Tier1: 25%, Tier2: 10%, Tier3: 5%)
  • Peak – $16,997 (Membership level commission + Tier1: 25%, Tier2: 10%, Tier3: 5%)
  • Apex – $27,997 (Membership level commission + Tier1: 25%, Tier2: 10%, Tier3: 5%)

How Does It Work?

Understand this, you will only making money by promoting Digital Altitude to other people. This is NOT a program that teach you how to build an online business of your own. Yes, they’ll show you what marketing techniques to use, and they even have a marketing tools that you can buy from them for another outrageous fees.

So you start out by paying the monthly Affiliate Link fees of $17 per month to promote Digital Altitude to make a few pennies from the $1 entrance fee.

If you want to make more money, then you need to choose one of their Core product and an upgraded monthly position membership. For example;

You choose the monthly Membership position of Walker, Hiker or Climber. Then, you choose a Core product of Base, Rise, Ascend, Peak or Apex ( price tag of $27,997 US Dollar :-p ).

If you choose to purchase the Base for example and a Walker membership ($597 + $37 = $634), then if you have a person joining under you that also bought the same thing as you, then you’ll make 25% commission off his/her Base purchase, which comes to about $150 and a 40% of the Walker membership, which comes to about $15.

($150 + $15 = $165) You’ll need to recruit about 4 people who buys the same as you to brake even.

So the catch is, the more you spent, the bigger commission you can make IF you can find people to buys this outrageous program. It actually work like a Multi Level Marketing. The more people you recruit, the more money you can make.

What Newbies Don’t Understand?

You probably got attracted to Digital Altitude by seeing the amazing income their members are making and wondering whether if you can make the same money. And if you are wondering if these income are real, let me tell you that Yes, there are real and there’s a very slide chance that you will make these kind of income if not at all.

Why? because if you are a Newbie to the internet marketing world, it’s pretty much a 99% that you will fail, unless you have a big pocket to spend on online advertising or you are just a gifted salesman.

You see, building an internet marketing business is not as easy as what others proclaims. You first need to build a foundation for your business. Think of it like you are starting out a brand new business. You need to have all the setup in place before you can start prospecting. If you don’t do these setup, then you are bound to fail even if you think you can recruits tons of people.

People who are making money online already know what they are doing, and have everything in place to capture prospects who are clicking on their affiliate links. They also have accumulated a good number of prospects’ list and have built a strong relationship with them. That’s one of the fastest way to make big money online by the way if you have these things set up.

Have you heard of an old phrase, “Don’t run before you learn how to walk?” It’s the same with internet marketing. You just cannot expect to become successful overnight. It’s just cannot happen.

In order to make money on the internet, you need to learn to start from the bottom and to understand how making money on the internet really works. You need to be patient but determined. And you need to be willing to spent countless hours learning and working on your computer.

You also need to have a budget and be ready to spent it when you are ready for mass online marketing. Nobody makes money online without first spending money.

If you want to learn how exactly making money online really works, then I have a link for you to click below where they’ll teach you everything you need to know about online money making and how to properly set up your online business foundation.

Don’t worry, there’s ZERO cost for signing up to view what they can offer you. Then, when you are ready to start building your online business, the cost to their entire program, which is Amazing, especially if you are a Newbie, is less than a cup of coffee a day.


My Final Thoughts with Digital Altitude

It seem that Digital Altitude’s creator Michael Force is so sure that his program can make help people make $90K in 90 days or less that he just cannot wait to charge people his outrageous fees even before they can make a dime. It’s just ludicrous and preposterous.

There are ways to make money online without spending your life saving and the link I provide above is the Best program to date that are not only Legit but they are genuinely focused on teaching people how to create a long term and profitable online business by providing All the tools and tutorials that money just cannot buy. This program is worth 10x more that what Digital Altitude provides. Don’t believe me? Then, click the link above and spend a few hours there to see it for yourself.

Who in the world can come up with $30 to $40 thousand dollars to buy online based videos tutorials? Even if I have the money and have tons of prospects list, i will not purchase Digital Altitude. I just can’t bear to sleep at night thinking that I am promoting an online product not to help people make money but to bankrupt them.

Reasons Why People Fails in Online Marketing:

  • Not properly following the necessary process.
  • Not properly planning or have no plan.
  • Limited funds.
  • Afraid of losing money.
  • Not having the right Mindset
  • Fail to be persistence

Listen to you instinct. Who said that Any Business is easy to make money?

If you are not comfortable with Network Marketing or you don’t like recruiting people, but you want to make money online, then you might interested in the recommendation below…



#1 – FREE Profit Website Building - If you are starting out and don’t know where to start, this might be the best place for you to start. They’ll teach you everything you need to know on how to start building your 1st Profit Generating Website. It’s FREE to sign up!


#2 – Start Your Sales Campaign - If you are hungry to make money fast and have the Courage to Succeed, this place will guide your from A to Z from choosing a niche, setting up your sales funnel, email campaign to launching your own profitable online business.


#3 - Mobile Capturing Advertising - If you already know what to promote and want to take your marketing to the next level, go here to watch a LIVE Webinar on how to you can start capturing TRUE Email with Mobile Advertising.


#4- Best Email Campaigning - This is by far the best email system learning tool available. You'll learn exactly what you need to do to successfully create a Winning Email Campaign.


#5 - Best MLM Company Today - If you want to start building a long term network with a reputable company with solid track records and growths. They annual sales hits over the $1 Billion mark.


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