To Bitcoin or Not To Bitcoin?

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Since the creation in 2009, Bitcoin have taken off like a rocket. It have shot up in value well over $1000 per Bitcoin. It have been accepted worldwide as a form of payment for goods and services as well as exchange it for real money.

Thanks to the Savvy programmer named Satoshi Nakamoto and all the great people who have help in the development of what might become “The Future Money!”.

In this post I will suggest what you need to know about Bitcoin and what to do with it.

If you don’t know much about Bitcoin, I suggest you Google it or click here to learn more for yourself.

What You Need To Know About Bitcoins.

1 – Bitcoin is Not real money. It’s a digital currency that can be exchange for goods or services or real money with other Bitcoins users who accept them.

2 – Currently, they are over 12 millions Bitcoins Users worldwide.

3 – There are over 16 millions Bitcoins is circulation worldwide.

4 – Bitcoin was created in 2009 by a person named Satoshi Nakamoto

5 – One Bitcoin is worth over $1,000 at the time of this writing.

6 – As Bitcoins demands rises, so does the value of Bitcoins

7 – Bitcoins is digitally created so no one can shut it down, not even any governments.

8 – You can only exchange Bitcoin with other people who accept Bitcoins.

9 – You cannot pay your utilities bills with Bitcoin (Yet).

10 – Banks does not accept Bitcoins.

11 – Groceries store does not accept Bitcoins (Yet).

12 – The Government does not accept Bitcoins.

13 – Universities does not accept Bitcoins (Yet).

14 – Bitcoin helps prevent fraud and counterfeits.

What Can You Do With Bitcoins?

1 – You can buy Bitcoin with real money such as Dollars or Euros.

2 – You can send Bitcoin worldwide from your mobile phone. It only takes a few minutes and a lot cheaper then wiring money from a bank.

3 – You can keep Bitcoins and ride the rising price value as it is still in the early stage.

4 – There are thousands of merchants worldwide who accept Bitcoins as payments including Microsoft, Dell, /overstock and much, much more. You can buy all sort of goods and services

5 – You can create your own Bitcoin by mining it.

6 – You can accept Bitcoin for your goods and services.

7 – You can purchase a Bitcoin ATM machine and build your ATM empire

There are multitude uses for Bitcoins and more and more businesses are starting to accept Bitcoins as their form of payment.

Country such as India who recently moving their way to a currency-less country have create a huge demand for cripto-currency such as Bitcoin.  

With giant like Microsoft and Dell who are currently accepting Bitcoin, it’s no doubt that Bitcoin will become our Future Money sooner than anyone can expect.

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 How To Buy Bitcoin?

1 – Create an account here – Bitcoin Wallet

2 – Spend what you can (ex: $100 to start)

3 – Watch your Bitcoin grows by the days.

As of this writing, there are over 294,786 Bitcoin transaction per day and a market value of $1,012.33 per Bitcoin – see graph below.

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